Amino acids and peptides



Increase muscle mass building, endurance and energy level!

  • Effective support during intensive training
  • Enriched with taurine and L-tyrosine
  • Excellent proportions of BCAA amino acids 2:1:1

BCAA 2:1:1 with taurine and L-tyrosine

of bcaa
+ tyrosine

full description

BCAA X-TANK is an exceptionally effective formula containing branched-chain amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine, in optimal proportions of 2:1:1. They exhibit powerful anabolic action and constitute almost 40% dry muscle mass. BCAA X-TANK has been supplemented with taurine, L-tyrosine and vit. B6, making it more effective at supporting energetic processes, inhibiting symptoms of fatigue and protein catabolism. BCAA X-TANK is recommended as a daily supplement to a sporting diet with BCAA, essential for muscle growth and regeneration.


Recommended daily dose is 3 capsules 2–3  times a day; wash down with 300 ml of water. On workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, 2nd serving 30 min. before a workout, 3th serving directly after a workout. On non-workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, 2nd serving between meals, 3th serving at bedtime.


Nutrition facts
Serving size 100 g 9 cap. 6 cap.
Nutrition Facts
GE (kcal/kg) 214kj / 51kcal 25kj / 6kcal 16kj / 4kcal
Protein 12,78 1,47 0,98
Fats 0 0 0
Carbohydrate 0 0 0
Active ingredients
L-Leucine 35,29 g 4050 2700
L-Valine 17,65 g 2025 1350
L-Isoleucine 17,65 g 2025 1350
Taurine 9,90 g 1125 750
L-Tyrosine 5,88 g 675 450
Vit. B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride 0,02 g 2,10(150%) 1,40.(100%)

Pack sizes

30 cap
10 portions
120 cap
40 portions
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