Fat reducers



Decreases Body Fat And Increases Energy!

  • Concentrated liquid L-carnitine
  • Easy reduction of fat deposits
  • 1500 mg pure L-carnitine per portion

Concentrated liquid L-carnitine 1500mg/portion

per portion

full description

L-CARNITINE GOLD is a highly concentrated product which contains as much as 1500 mg of highly assimilable, liquid L-Carnitine in one serving. This substance plays a key role in the process of transport and final conversion of fatty acids into energy. The product has been enriched with a special Quick-Sorb formula, which accelerates its absorption. It also contains pantothenic acid Vit. B5, which supports the metabolism of fats. L-CARNITINE GOLD facilitates burning of the fatty tissue; it has an energising effect and it increases the capacity of the organism during long and intensive exercise.


Recommended daily allowance is 15 ml 1 tablespoon. On workout days: 1 serving 15 ml 30 min. before the training. On non-workout days: 1 serving 15 ml in the morning after getting up. The product can be dissolved in water.


Nutrition facts
Serving size 100 ml 15 ml  
Nutrition Facts
GE (kcal/kg) 558kj / 133kcal 84kj / 20kcal  
Protein 6,67 1  
Fats 0 0  
Carbohydrate 26,67 4  
Active ingredients
L-Carnitine 10 g 1500  

Pantothenic acid Calcium D-pantothenate
66,67 10(167%)  

Pack sizes

73 ml
31 portions
946 ml
63 portions
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